TERRA NOVA Dark Fired Kentucky — Smoke cured for refined flavor.

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Tobacco which inspires the senses

Dark Fired Kentucky – even the name tastes exceptional. A tobacco created from a tradition going back for centuries, cured to perfection by farmers in Kentucky.

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In a special wood-fired drying process, the tobacco is hung in barns above smoldering oak and hickory wood. Each individual leaf is then able to absorb these unique, roasted, smoky aromas that make this type of tobacco so exceptional.

TERRA NOVA Dark Fired Kentucky. An excitingly different tobacco composition.

Wrapper: Connecticut Seed, Ecuador
Binder: Bahia, Sumatra
Filler: Dominican Republic, Brasil, Nicaragua and the smoky Dark Fired Kentucky

TERRA NOVA Dark Fired Kentucky – Cigarros Excitantes.

You can smell it right from the harvest. This tobacco is given more time than any other to mature beneath the full Kentucky sun, right until the end of the harvest period. It is then dried in the smoke of smoldering oak and hickory wood so that the characteristic roasted, smoky aromas that make this tobacco so exceptional are absorbed leaf by leaf.

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